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pappu found ans. to the most difficult que. ever wt comes 1st-d chicken or d egg? o yr jiska ordr pehele doge vo ayega.

Difference between Good & Bad Girls. Good Girls open a few button in hot atmosphere. But the Bad Girls open all buttons to make the atmosphere hot

Mother to her teenage daughter: I think this right time we shud talk abt sex. Daughter: Sure mom, tell me wat u want to know. Mom:##??!!

1st sardar: Mumbai is the best city, ALL Free, Pickup, Drop, Food, Drink, Hotel even Sex. 2nd sardar:When did u go? 1st sardar:Not me, my wife went, she told me.

Two men met while both where looking for their lost wives. 1st: How urs look like? 2nd: She is 5"7, 36-24-36, Fair, Black eyes. Wat abt urs? 1st: Forget mine. Lets find urs!!

Teacher: Why cows look depressedwhen they are milked? Student: Madam, if some1 press ur boobs for 2hrs & doesnt f**k u, then how do u feel??

Bride's dad hands a note the groom: "GOODS DELIVERED ARE NOT RETURNABLE". Groom gave another note back to him "CONTRACT VOID IF SEAL IS BROKEN".

Women asked man who is travelling with six children, all these kids are urs?? No, i work in a condom factory & these are customer complaints.

Wats the height of innocense? A 12year old girl applies pimples cream on her breast!

Why did they stop printing Pamela Anderson stamps in the U.S? Bcoz people started licking the wrong side.

Teacher: u know the importance ofperiod? Kid: Ya, once my sister said she hasmissed one, my mom fainted, dad got heart attack & our driver ran away.

SON: What is the difference between confidence and confidential? FATHER: I know that you are my son, that is confidence. Your friend is also my son, that is confidential!

Dhritarashtra said to his wife:Thanks for giving me 100 sons. She replied: If you were not blind, it would not have been possible!

WIFE: How much do you love me? HUSBAND: Like Shahjahan WIFE: Wow! You mean you will build a Taj Mahal for me after die? HUSBAND: I have already booked a plot for you, the delay is from your side!

A couple drove down the highway just a quarrel. Some pigs were passing by the road. Wife asked: Relatives of yours? Husbandreplied: Yeah, in-laws!

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