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Inspirational English SMS

"If you want to enjoy anything, always think today is the first day But If you want to achieve anything always think today is the last day.

''L I V E T O G E T H E R" What did u read? Live Together or Live To Gather or Live To Get Her. Just a beautiful way 2 say 'LIFE' is the way how u look at it"

"Always be good with the good but Never be bad with the bad because You cant wash mud with mud" Its reality if u can understand.

Respect the emotions in someone's heart, rather than the expression on someones face because expression is just a formality but emotions are reality. . . .

Guard Well Ur Spare Moments, They r Like Uncut Diamonds. Discard Them & Their Value Will Never b Known Improve Them & They Will Become d Brightest Gems In A Useful Life

changing the face" can change nothing .. but "facing the change" can change everything..!!!!

Life is not qualified by the brand of clothes we wear or the car that we drive. It is measured by the no of faces that smile when they hear our name.

Never feel bad if people remember u only in need. Feel proud that you comes in there mind like candle in the darkness of their life....!!!

To make our way, We must have firm Resolve, Persistence, Tenacity. We must gear ourselves to Work hard all the way. We can never let up

Nothing in the nature lives for itself Rivers don't drink their own water Trees don't eat their own fruit Sun doesn't give heat for itself Moon doesn't ever go on honeymoon Flowers don't spread fragrance for themselves Moral: Living for Others is the Rule of Nature

Being The Best Doesn't Always Mean 'Being On Top', It Means Doing The 'Best' You Can In The Situation You are 'In' ~Author Unknown

The Difference Between A Corrupt And Honest Person Is : The Corrupt Person Has PRICE And The Honest Person Has VALUE ... !

Be grateful that You don’t have everything you want Because It means you still have an opportunity to be happier tomorrow than your today !!

"Behavior" Is A Mirror In Which Everyone, Displays His Own Image Always Try To Build Your Respectable Image Because Reflection Can’t Be Changed By Changing The Mirror __ !!

Trying May Not Guarantee S U C C E S S, But Not Trying Guarantees F A I L U R E ___ !!!

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